US5 – In Control Reloaded (Retail)


    01. Rhythm Of Life
    02. Gone
    03. The Rain
    04. Too Much Heaven
    05. I Don’t Think So
    06. What About
    07. Why
    08. One Night With You
    09. In The Club
    10. Bad Girl
    11. Baby Be Mine
    12. As Good As It Gets
    13. I’m With You
    14. I Want You Back
    15. Work Your Body
    16. Be My Girlfriend
    17. If You Leave

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    US5 is an all-male pop group from Germany, England, and the United States. The band originated in 2005 on the German RTL II television reality show Big in America and debuted in June of the same year on Lou Pearlman’s Transcontinental label. US5 became successful throughout Central Europe with their debut album Here We Go (hit single “Maria”) and several hit records thereafter. They have sold 2,500,000 records woldwide.

    Since manager Pearlman is imprisoned and awaiting trial on fraud charges in Florida, it is unclear who is currently running the US5 business. (Source Wikipedia)


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