Timati feat. Diddy-Dirty Money – I’m On You Music Video

I’m On You” is the first single from Russian rapper Timati‘s upcoming third solo studio album, The Boss: USA Edition.

The track features DiddyDirty Money, or more importantly including the females of the trio: Dawn Richard and Kalenna.

As you already know, this entire video (and Diddy-Dirty Money) has everything to do with Dawn Richard, and more recently relevent Kalenna. These two girls blow this song out of the water, if you didn’t already know everything Dawn Richard works on turns into gold, no difference here. Just, where is Dawn’s studio album?!

You might be interested in the PokerStars promos throughout the video, or maybe Timati or Diddy are just your thing to keep you interested. Eitherway, looks to be an expensive video, but overall it is a great track – and very nice catchy song. Enjoy and bump this!

Listen to: Timati feat. Diddy-Dirty Money – I’m On You

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  1. Maysa

    SUCKS…there is no real vocal talent! Just lots of money spent for nothing. 

  2. teddy

    this is the stuff i like this

  3. marrgrot

    yo teddy call me 7×2-2×8-8xx4

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