This Track or That Track: Ciara & T-Pain’s ‘Hood Girl’ or ‘Go Girl’


Ciara‘s first single “Go Girl” for her forthcoming album Fantasy Ride is a track which is Produced and featured by T-Pain.

“Go Girl” was originally titled “Hood Girl” which by far is much better than “Go Girl”. Why the change is still unknown, but I think the new vocals and new lyrics aren’t nearly as good as “Hood Girl” – what do you think?

Listen/Download: Ciara feat. T-Pain – Hood Girl

Listen/Download: Ciara feat. T-Pain – Go Girl (Official first Single)



  1. “Hood Girl” is 10x better than “Go Girl”…n i personally don’t think dat was her singin on “Hood Girl”…da vocals sounds too different

  2. I think “Hood Girl” was just a sample that T-pain recorded with one of his background singers so that Ciara could listen to it and see if she liked it. It’s not really a “song” only the first stages of one.


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