Eve gets featured on Paradiso Girls’ debut video “Patron Tequila”

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Eve and Lil Jon were featured at the video shoot for Paradiso Girls‘ debut video this weekend. Director Ray Kay (Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Christina Milian, Destiny’s Child, Dream, Enrique Iglesias) helmed the clip for the song “Patron Tequila”. The video was shot over two days in Los Angeles.

Here’s a picture from the set:


(In picture: Lauren, Eve, Chelsea, Aria, Lil Jon, Kelly, Shar and Ray Kay)


  1. Shiera Sanders

    These girls look so generic, and they need a better 1st single, "Patron Tequila" sounds very dated. I do like Chelsea though. 😛

  2. good for her finally she pokes here head out now can we get some more singles Eve

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