Drake – Best I Ever Had + Performing song Live



Best I Ever Had is a song from Canadian rapper Drake‘s third mixtape So Far Gone. Its highly anticipated release date was pushed back a day due to a delay in the mixing down process, forcing fans to wait until February 13th, 2009 to download it. The mixtape had over 8,000 downloads within 2 hours of release. If you haven’t heard this song, you should definitely check it out (and his mixtape, “So Far Gone”.)

Obviously, everyone in the crowd of his recent performance of “Best I Ever Had” knew it word-for-word.

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Lyrics for Drake – Best I Ever Had

Listen/Download: Drake – Best I Ever Had [ You the fuckin’ best ]

Listen/Download: Drake – Best I Ever Had (Clean) [ You the You the best ]

Which version do you prefer on the chorus/hook: “You the You the Best…” or “You the fuckin’ Best…”?



  1. DDAAAYYYUUM! That little boy up there is grown up. It took me a second to get that the boy up there…
    Was AUBREY GRAHAM! You know him.
    Jimmy from Degrassi!~


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