Charice feat. Iyaz – Pyramid Music Video

Pyramid” is the second U.S. single of the Filipina singer and YouTube sensation, Charice.

This song features Iyaz and was written by Swedish songwriter David Jassy and R&B singer Lyrica Anderson and produced by Twin.

A remix was said to be released in iTunes on February 16, 2010 which was later changed to February 23 the same day as the release of the album version. But, the album version was delayed and was released on March 2.

Listen/Download: Charice feat. Iyaz – Pyramid

  • Charice - Pyramid - Single - Pyramid (feat. Iyaz)

The promotional music video for the track was released on March 2, 2010. The video focused on Charice and Iyaz in the studio singing and recording the vocals to the song. The official music video for the track was released on April 12, 2010, premiering on Oprah Winfrey’s website.

The video focuses on Charice singing the song in a huge theater. As the climax comes, her outfit changes, the theater becomes smoky, the lights become prominent and winds blows her hair.

Near the end of the song, everything changes back.On the other hand, Iyaz was singing on the street side and then came to the theater to watch Charice perform.


  1. Brittany

    Awesome song, my favourite (:

  2. Congratulation charice, i lyk her voice….everytime i heard the song it made me relax and stressfree

  3. Ruth

    hoorayy..CHARICE is awsum..broo…& guess wat she’s also fillo…I absolutely <3 CHARICE

  4. keshar Gurung

    Charice is my best singer. I like her voice and loves tooooooooooo…….much……..

  5. engr.elgene

    if you listen to the “Pyramid”word it sounded “Pyramed”?why charice?it’s too slang!!! I like the song but the enunciation if you call it,i don’t really like.

  6. diss sonqq iss realLy cutee (: , yuu cann relatee twuu ihtt . iLyk ihtt <33

  7. monay

    charice, you are so humble. stay that way! 🙂

    pIcT iT uP…

  9. ma. marjorie

    ,,,,,,graveh,,,like ko tlga ang song na pyramid,,,yeah,,,love it

  10. soso

    i well think that its a great song

  11. Charice you are Great & Amazing & Wonderful. I love you too. Goodluck 

  12. kumar thapa

    awsome video…………

  13. Daffodil

    I like this song . me and my lover forever love like this song ^-^

  14. kush

    U guys charice is the best…just stop argiung and anyone of you with a full video of this song”pyramid
    to email it to me at pliz.
    cheers charice more cheers iyaz

  15. tom

    She is good like this song. She does do better then rachel on Glee though. I would go stright for her grrr.

  16. Nicki Minaj:)


    Come to lebanon during summer, it’ll be pretty awsome..:D

  17. Kyla

    WOW! Charice is very interesting! 
    she’s like a real rockstar!!


  18. mubiru cj

    Charice sings like an angel she is now my best female singer

  19. val

    hi im val im listen evrytime to yng song such a full feling u sing

  20. Im in love with teh song, I also love Charice, u can sing, and it’s from inside out, u don’t fake it, but u sing it from teh bottom of your soul.

    Keep it up Girl

  21. Shes becoming one of my favorites oh.. Awe….some!

  22. Shes becoming one of my favorites female singer, ah…awesome!!!!

  23. what so special abouth this song? dident think noting of it at all! Listen to R.Kelly instead,nao thats  a god singer!!

  24. soso

    i love this song and i love u charice soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  25. nao intendo nada sobre oque voces dizem mais valeu

  26. Its 2012 and i still dig this song

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