Whitney Houston discusses New Album and Single


    Here’s some tidbits on Whitney‘s new single and album leaked from somebody who works at Arista records:
    – Whitney will definately attend Clive Davis’ Pre-Grammy Party this Saturday, and will also perform.

    – She will be arriving in L.A. on Thursday to rehearse for the Grammy party.

    – She recorded 15 songs already but is going to record a few more so they have more song selections to choose from which will be finalized for the album.

    – She’s been re-recording a lot of songs in a higher register since she’s been working on improving her voice. This is why they keep pushing the album back, because she’s been re-recording a lot.

    – She recorded a killer ballad with David Foster called “You Chose To Lose” as well as the R. Kelly ballad called “I Look To You.”

    – They hope to have the first single out no later than the end of March.

    – She will definitely do a big interview with either Oprah or Diane Sawyer to discuss EVERYTHING.


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