Usher feat. Plies – Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)

Usher Hey Daddy Daddys Home f Plies

Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home) is the first official single from Usher‘s sixth studio album Raymond vs. Raymond. It features Plies. The song was written by longtime Usher collaborator Rico Love, and produced by The Runners. It was released to radio stations on December 8, 2009.

A music video has been planned, and will be shot early 2010.

Lyrics for Usher feat. Plies – Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)

Usher Baby
I just wanna get your attention
I really wanna be your love in your head
Cause when I got you don’t wanna get some yeah
But girl that’s only if you ain’t scared

And I won’t knock or ring no bells
You just float bottom up in the air
I’ll get you hot I know you oh so well
And when I’m walking all that I wanna hear

Is you say Daddy’s home home for me
And I know you’ve been waiting for this love in your day
You know your daddy’s home (daddy’s home)
and it’s time to play (so it’s time to play)
So you ain’t got to give my loving away
So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy
So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy
Hey hey hey daddy

I ain’t gotta do a lot of flexes..

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  1. ashley hackqed odee

    wahtz guddie u know me just hackinq tha paqe i luv dis sonq real talk i wish my daddy can cum home….lol

  2. cocoa

    this song is the truth i love it al my daddies hey hey daddy

  3. justin pendergrass

    yo dis song nice

  4. Mz. perry baby

    I love dis song dis is my best song ever i love plies part

  5. J3551CA

    Usher songz is Dbest

  6. J3551CA

    My DADDY CAM HOME!!!!!!!!

  7. mz.cherrypie

    why wont the song play

  8. T-bird

    omg omg gurlz nd boyz i love diz song nd da reason y iz becuz my daddy came home last nite too nd i had

  9. Jasmine Smith

    I think that Ushers Daddy’s Home is the best song ever. It is the best song that he has ever made from my perspective and I cant wait till his album comes out so I can get it!

  10. solomon

    I love this song very much. Usher you are the best. Your songs are really inspiring. Plies you are also incredible . Real rap from Plies rhyming throughout, that's amazing. I REALLY FEEL IT.

  11. diamond

    i love this sonnggggg

  12. jerk boy$

    this song is so hot i got this bihh on replay

  13. Rachael

    I love this song but everytime I go out I ask the DJ’s to play it and they won’t. It really makes me mad, they tell me that no one will know it and the it hasn’t moved on the charts, they are on crack!

  14. tonja

    hey usher i luv tis song so much just wish mii daddys home lol

  15. batie

    Hey I lv plies part dis dude is massive he hz got da swagger

  16. i love usher and he is so sexy adn he can sing i wish he was my dad and he was walking in the door

  17. u is sooo danm sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxy


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