M.I.A. – ViCKi LEEKX Mixtape

Who has decided to ring in the new year with her latest mixtape? From who other than Sir Lankan rapper better known as M.I.A. whom releases her new Wikileaks-inspired mixtape, ViCKi LEEKX.

She has dropped her latest free mixtape “Vicki Leekx“, which is the follow-up to her debut 2004 mixtape Piracy Funds Terrorism, Volume 1.

The 19-track mixtape has some of the years most unique producers whom included Danja, Diplo, Blaqstarr among others. The mixtape dropped after a few short month after the release of her third studio album /\/\ /\ Y /\ (MAYA).

So, these are some big names, how do the tracks stack up to the overall product? Very well that is – just check it out for yourself.

With any M.I.A. release remember to never judge a book (or in her case) a Mixtape or a Single cover by it’s cover, because there is a lot more to them than meets the eye.

Featuring production by Danja, Munnchi, M.I.A, Diplo, Blaqstarr, Switch rusko, VIIXIIV, and So Japan.

Listen/Download: M.I.A. – Vicki Leekx

ViCKi LEEKX Tracklist:

  1. The World
  2. Bamboo Go
  3. Illy Girl
  4. Super Tight
  5. Let Me Hump You
  6. WWW/Meds/Feds
  7. Steppin’/Up
  8. Go At It
  9. Vicki Intermission
  10. Gen-N-E-Y
  11. Bad Girls
  12. Dutch Dutch
  13. Marsha/Britney
  14. Tamil Beat Munchi
  15. Listen Up
  16. Mudersounds Munchi
  17. Overdrive
  18. You My Love (feat. Rosaly)
  19. Get Around

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