Keke J feat. Ace Hood – Neck Breaker

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Neck Breaker” is the first single by R&B singer Keke J, for her upcoming studio album. The track features Ace Hood, she’s back…

Listen/Download: Keke J feat. Ace Hood – Neck Breaker


  1. skawt

    it’s okay.
    it sounds a bit generic though.

  2. sam Duh!!!!

    hmmmmmm…..corny…i like it tho…but doesnt mean ima buy da cd or download it…nah!!! ima save dat for sum unindividualistic loser…she sound s like everybody else…im gunna need u to get a personality…yea…Beyonce is different…Rihanna…and i might not wanna say it but chris brown too. STAYING POWER…songs like this will make u a fad and nothing else.

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