Katy Perry sings “Hot N Cold” with Elmo on Sesame Street

Katy Perry stopped over to see Elmo, to sing a “Kid Friendly” rendition of her hit song “Hot N Cold” – over at the new season of Sesame Street – harmless right?

For the new season of Sesame Street special guests are not out of the usual for being regulars on Sesame Street to sing a tune or two, crack a few jokes and all around also just to get some publicity – and to teach kids their A, B, C’s… just maybe.. right?? So why is this Viral Video causing such a stir with the parents that they have decided to cut the segment from the Season premiere episode

All Katy wants is to play dress-up while she’s at Sesame Street, but Elmo is being hot n cold!

Do you think this goes too far, or is it all a gimmick and hype in which it is being seen by a mass audience compared to just the target audience – kids. Is it her outfit that is a little too risky for the kids program, or is it something else?

Listen/Download: Katy Perry feat. Elmo – Hot N Cold


  1. CleatusJR

    I don’t se how her clothes is an issue, kids see much worse just walkin through their neighborhood

  2. Thank you elmo so adorable thank you everyone for watching it sadly it didnt air on sesame Street Love Katy xx 😛

  3. the best

    the best song ever

  4. the best

    the 1 song in the world keep it up

  5. dan

    this songs sucks fu katy perry

    • Aye, Niggah Roach. You’re a DippShieet, ‘cuss Katy is Thee Shieet. Pshhh, Stop Hatinn Mofo, Seriously, If Yuh Want to Sing, Then Too Bad ‘Cus No One Wants To Hear The Shitty Words Comin Outta Yur Mouth, hmkay hunnie??
      Go Fuck Yur Self, DoggyStyle; (;

  6. steve

    my grandma sings betta than u fkn bitch

  7. michaela

    its a funny song for kids LOL 🙂

  8. iiiiiiiii love how you sing elmo not katy perry you sing sooooooooooooo horroble its true

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