Justin Bieber – U Smile Music Video

U Smile” is the third single from Canadian recording artist Justin Bieber‘s second studio album, My World 2.0.

It was written by Bieber, Jerry Duplessis, Arden Altino, and Dan August Rigo, and produced by Duplessis and Altino. According to Bieber, the song is dedicated to his fans.

Bieber had stated that the video for “U Smile” was about “letting fans experience the ultimate fantasy for any hard-core Belieber: being Justin’s girlfriend”, further explaining in a tweet, “I took the opportunity 2 make a video 4 the fans, about a fan, and how we could fall IN LOVE.”

The music video premiered in late September 2010.

Listen/Download: Justin Bieber – U Smile


  1. my friends(emphasis on friends) think justins a loser who hates his fans……….. if u follow him on twitter he said , ” I love my haterz” so random but yea………….

  2. this is the first time iv ever watched this video or heard your song and i love it so much it brings back a lot of memories thanks justin bieber i love you

  3. yup immaa belieber , u got a problem with that huh :P x

    OMG is all i can say , i love this vid and they r sooooooo cute together they act like a real cuple awwww she is soo lucky i love the water fight part justin looks soooo hot when his hair is wet 😉 😛 hahaha BELIEBER 4 EVER XXXXOXOXOXOXOXO xxx

  4. Omg I love jb he’s amazing !!!
    I don’t see why people say they hate justin couse they don’t even no him and their just sad XX
    ilove you justin !<33 xxxx

  5. shrija

    $ Thrz’nt a person lyk u in dis world n can neva replace ya.. U’re my love, u’re my heart BIEBER….!!!!!!!!!! I love u a lot n yor songs tooooo!!! U’re d most coolest guy i’ve ever seen…! WISH I GET A CHANCE TO MEET YOU… LOVE U SOOOOO MUCH JB!!!!! Wish u all success!!! $

  6. devina

    omg he is sooo sexii jb…..

  7. cullen

    justin u r soo sweet and i just loved that video..alot

  8. devina

    hey omg i love justin beivber so much
    and i love him so much and fraink said wht up homie

  9. alyssa16

    ohh i wish that was me with him.if only i got one kiss from him.that would change my life!im stuck single…


  10. alyssa16


  11. nisha

    you smile is my song.. i give a shout to my friends carla,angelica,ruvi and me nisha aka vanilla cream aka babygirl

  12. vatsal

    i am vatsal i want to meet your girlfriends they r so hooooooooooooooottt

  13. justin

    he is soooooooooooooooo hot

  14. michaela Bieber Fever Eastham

    Omgg Justin bieber i love you soo fukiing much you are my weakness forget the girls lips my room is full of you sexy face 🙂 i lovee you soo much i wish i could be with you day and night 🙂
    LoveeYouuBabee 🙂

  15. michaela Bieber Fever Eastham

    I Cant Even Believe How Fiit Hee Iss :))

  16. Heey justin your song u smile it’s cute
    I like it a lot


    Good Luck sweet Heart

    Love u :*

  17. Aiman

    J.B Is ONE and Only The Best Love Your Each And Every Song Keep On Rocking Dude

  18. emy

    less lonelygirl is my favorite music!!!! i love justin biber

  19. kelly

    hi justin i love you

  20. jbloveres

    Just cuz u guyz hate on him dosnt mean he be haten on u so shut ur fucken mouth

  21. jbloveres

    i love justin bieber this is odessa messer…..from columbus ohio i live at 647
    east woodrow ave.

  22. I Love You Justin Bieber & I am not one of those crazed fans:)

  23. i know i alos love this song it does bring back things thx justin bieber ur number one fan a side from ur grandpa and family i love u for u not ur fam ur money u c i grow up and i still iam growing up with out a lot of money and fam around me and my family so i dont care about money and fam i love u for u and what ur about other then ur money and fam love u a bunch justin bieber **love ur fan ashley**

  24. u smile i smile i love that i love that he made this for the fans showing he could full in love with us if he dated us i love that and this songs fucking great and i dont cruss that much biebes love u justin bieber

  25. shelley wright

    I love u jb!!!!!! I cried the hole time at ur movie! I love u!

  26. shelley wright

    who thinks that other boys just make their hair look like his so they can have a girl?

  27. xhanz

    hey just… ua quite kool man 🙂 downloading ua songs… its takin ma lot of tym buh still…. 🙂

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