Dannii Minogue – Club Disco


    1. Feel Like I Do

    2. Perfection (Extended version)
    3. You Won’t Forget About Me (with Flower Power)
    4. Love Fight
    5. I’m Sorry
    6. Gone
    7. So Under Pressure (Album version)
    8. Good Times (New mix)
    9. Sunrise
    10. He’s the Greatest Dancer (LMC edit)

    11. I Can’t Sleep at Night
    12. I Will Come to You
    13. I’ve Been Waiting for You
    14. Round the World
    15. Do You Believe Me Now? (with Roger Sanchez)
    16. Xanadu
    17. You Won’t Forget About Me (Afterlife Lounge mix)
    18. I Can’t Sleep at Night (Afterlife Lounge mix)

    Download (Part 1): MegauploadRapidsharezShareBadongo
    Download (Part 2): MegauploadRapidshareBadongo

    Purchase: iTunes

    Dannii Minogue will be releasing two CDs on November 5th. This is one of them, this is actually the digital release while the other one “Unleashed” is the Retail CD that is being released. Enjoy!


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