Ciara feat. Missy Elliott – “Work” Music Video


Work” is the fourth single produced by Danja from R&B singer Ciara. The song features Missy Elliott. It will be released as the second international single, making it the fourth overall single from the album. “Like a Surgeon” will be the third single.

The music video was directed by Melina Matsoukas, and was filmed before Ciara went on tour with Britney Spears.

Nice video with some dancing (as you all could’ve guessed), for this club banger. Doesn’t nearly compare to the one and only “Lose Control” featuring Ciara & Fatman Scoop from Missy Elliott, but it comes close. And if you didn’t know, the instrumental is everything to this song.

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Listen/Download: Ciara feat. Missy Elliott – Work

The music video begins with several of Ciara’s dancers doing work on a construction site, while Ciara pulls up in a bulldozer. As she begins to walk down the desert path in a very sexy outfit, while Missy Elliott sings her opening verse. Ciara then signals her dancers to follow and they then begin to perform intense choreography in tomboy outfits. Ciara then performs sexy cherography by herself, in a black leotard.

Missy Elliott, then performs her verse on top of a sand hill, while below Ciara dances by herself in a green dress and wearing black stilhettos, pieces of video showing Ciara in a orange dress begin to show. The scene where Ciara dances in a tomboy outfit with several dancers continues throughout the rest of the video, until a ending fade.


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