Chamillionaire – Roll Call Reloaded

In the song “Roll Call Reloaded“, Chamillionaire imitates many rappers, much like “Roll Call Reloaded” on Mixtape Messiah 2. He imitates rappers he thinks are “doing it big” right now. In order he imitates:

Young Jeezy, Jim Jones, Lil Wayne, Plies, E-40, B.G., Rick Ross, Rich Boy, Snoop Dogg, Bun B, The Game, Jay-Z, and The-Dream.

Bun B is the only person in “Roll Call Reloaded” who was also imitated in “Roll Call Reloaded” on Mixtape Messiah 2, where he only imitated Texas rappers.

How spot on is Chamillionaire to the actual rappers on "Roll Call Reloaded"?
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  1. chrom3titan

    my boy cham KILLED IT CUZ, fukin magnificent.

  2. showtime

    Spot on!
    Chamillionaire one of the best rappers alive.

  3. J-to-the-K

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah! he did real nice. I voted that he killed it though on Game and Snoop Dogg he was the furthest off. Jim Jones was pretty good. he went a bit too deep though.

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