Cascada – “Evacuate the Dancefloor” Music Video


Evacuate the Dancefloor is the first single to be released from Cascada‘s third and upcoming album, Evacuate the Dancefloor. “Evacuate the Dancefloor” will be released on June 29 in the United Kingdom.

The video shows Natalie singing in front of lights, and in a club surrounded by people. It then shows dancers on a dancefloor, and shows Natalie singing infront of open doors with people dancing in the background. It then shows Carlprit singing on some seats. It then goes back to Natalie and the dancers whilst occasionally showing Carlprit singing the backing vocals. It finishes with Natalie singing on a spinning set of seats surrounded by the dancers.Evacuate the Dancefloor will be the third studio album released by German dance act Cascada. It will be released in the United Kingdom on July 6, 2009, a week after the lead single “Evacuate the Dancefloor“.

Yanou, one of the producers of Cascada, stated that the album will have different genres of music compared to the previous albums Everytime We Touch and Perfect Day including House and R’n’B, but did promise fans that there would be the “usual” Cascada anthems.

Cascada’s UK record company, All Around The World stated that the tracks are “Brilliant”.

Listen/Download: Cascada – Evacuate the Dancefloor




  1. gone lady gaga styles =S
    think they should keep the same kinda music as they usually use but i really like the tune of this song it sounds a bit halloween-ish on some parts lol 😛

  2. This song has totally got in my head but it's so different to their normal stuff that won't they lose original hard house fans. Plus the 'halloweenish' bits sound really BSB late 90s!! I like it though.

  3. cascada new song evacuate the dance floor is class a nd i am getting it when it comes out and i cant wait for it and i like natalie horlers tattoo its class i got one like it on my arm in around about the same place iv had it for 3 years


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