Album: Paula Abdul – Greatest Hits: Straight Up!


    Greatest Hits: Straight Up! is a Greatest Hits album by singer Paula Abdul. The album was released on May 8 2007. The album contains Abdul’s six U.S. number-ones. This hits album contains the top 20 single “Will You Marry Me?” which was left off her 2000 Greatest Hits album. It has sold approximately 1 million copies worldwide. As well as containing Abdul’s hits, it contains some album tracks which were not singles.

    1. Forever Your Girl
    2. Straight Up
    3. Cold Hearted
    4. The Way That You Love Me
    5. Knocked Out
    6. One Or The Other
    7. Opposites Attract
    8. Rush, Rush
    9. The Promise Of A New Day
    10. Blowing Kisses In The Wind
    11. Vibeology
    12. Bend Time Back ‘Round
    13. Will You Marry Me?
    14. My Love Is For Real
    15. Crazy Cool
    16. If I Were Your Girl
    17. Ain’t Never Gonna Give You Up
    18. It’s All About Feeling Good

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